Donor Story: Drew and Melissa Winborn

Drew Winborn grew up in a comfortable home where his parents and grandparents considered philanthropy extremely important.

Community Foundation North Texas WORTH pursuing event at the Fort Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, Texas on December 10, 2015. (Photo by/Sharon Ellman)

“Giving back is an important responsibility and something everyone needs to consider along with successes in life,” he said.

Drew’s grandparents, Don and Linda Bowden, founded Wholly Guacamole and Fresherized Foods, both of which have been extremely successful in the food industry. Drew is following in his grandfather’s steps at Fresherized Foods and has become successful himself. Before the recent sale of the company, Drew, his grandparents and his parents each decided to establish their own funds at The Community Foundation.

“The North Texas Community Foundation will help me put my money to the best use,” Drew said. “I’m excited to learn from them.”

Drew and his wife Melissa are most interested in using their fund to help people achieve educational goals. Melissa has her Ph.D., and they both value their education and the opportunities it has provided them.

“By giving funds to help others receive an education, we are enabling them to make their own way and empowering them to find success on their own,” he said.

Drew shared his hopes of being involved in meeting our community’s needs, and pointed out that there are constant reminders around the area that there is still a lot of work to be done.